Training Opportunities


Onsite Training

Teacher and student looking at a mapGeospatial @ UCSF does not currently offer workshops or training in GIS or other geospatial technologies. Users are encouraged to use the vendor help documents or tutorials.

"Introduction to GIS" was a past workshop that covered the basics of ArcMap and QGIS. Users can access the files and tutorial through the UCSF Library's Data Science Initiative (DSI): (MyAccess Required).


Esri Training Opportunities

Esri offers a few different training options: Learn ArcGIS, a website that contains lessons, tutorials, articles, and more; and the Esri Academy, which contains formal courses online, either self-paced or instructor-led. Only the Learn ArcGIS webiste offers some content without an Esri or ArcGIS Online account.

Obtaining a UCSF ArcGIS Online named-user account will enable a user to access all of the "free" lessons and "maintenance" courses. Instructor-led courses still require payment.

Request an ArcGIS Online Account

Learn ArcGIS
Most lessons require membership in an ArcGIS organization.
Lessons for Health & Human Services

Learn ArcGIS website

Suggested Items for Desktop:

Suggested Items for ArcGIS Online:

Esri Academy
Online courses, self-paced or Instructor-led
Requires an ArcGIS Online named-user account

Esri Academy website


There are plenty of online tutorials, videos, and articles covering varying aspects of ArcGIS products from specific tools, specific workflows, and troubleshooting.

Other Training Opportunities

BayGeo's GIS Education Center
The GISEC offers short-term, in-person workshops in San Francisco