Geospatial @ UCSF Support

Our goal is to enable researchers, students, and staff to leverage geospatial technology to acheive UCSF's mission. Geospatial @ UCSF offers basic support to get a user started with GIS software and, when possible, provide focused assistance or consultation involving geosptial technology.

After reviewing the request information we will determine the level of support that can be provided. Basic support includes providing the appropriate licensing or renewals, and access to software files or data. In some cases, software installation troubleshooting can be supported. If you need Esri/ArcGIS support then please read below for more specific instructions.

Every effort will be made to resolve a user's issue. For situations that are beyond our capacity, a user may be directed to alternative resources and/or communities for assistance.

Request Support
Requests may take 3-5 business days to respond